Who is a Brickell customer?

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Have you ever wondered who else uses our products on a daily basis? We thought we’d give you insight into the results of all the various customer surveys we’ve taken. Over 1,800 of you participated thus far, giving us valuable insight on how to make better products for you.

Your Backgrounds:

Your ages range from 21 to 70+ with the majority being between 30-50. The median age is 35. This makes sense, as this is the age range most men start to care about their skin and aging.

80% of you are men, while the other 20% are women. The women who are making purchases are doing so for a man in their life.

Over 78% of you consider yourselves to be professionals, with the remainder split amongst athletic and then handy. Not many artsy or outdoorsy guys in the group.

In talking with many of you either through email, on the phone, in person, or in chat, we’ve gathered some random tidbits about who you are:

Fathers, firefighters, lawyers, digital marketers, real estate agents, baseball players, cigar aficionados, style hounds, swimmers, world travelers, rock climbers, weekend intramural sport warriors, and so much more.

Where do you live? As suspected, the majority of you live in some of the largest metro areas of the US:

2. NYC
3. Houston
4. Chicago
5. Newark/Jersey City
6. Boston
7. Philadelphia
8. Miami
9. Colorado
10. Detroit

For our international friends, the top three countries buying our products online through our site are: Canada, UK, and Australia.

The majority of you have either dry skin or normal type skin, even though we are seeing more and more purchases related to men with oily/combo type skin.

Your Concerns:

No surprise, your biggest grooming concern is shaving, followed by face complexion/cleansing and moisturizing. Anti-aging dominated your secondary concerns, followed by cleansing or moisturizing your body.

Your Reasons For Purchase:

The following should be of no surprise as when we talk to guys, the following 3 three reasons dominate why you buy our products:

1. Fix and prevent skin issues.
2. Have a more desirable appearance for significant others.
3. Feel better about yourself/confidence.

Honestly, who wouldn’t want all three?

Your Preferences:

You guys have strong preferences as to whether you like the scented or unscented versions of our products. Roughly 60% of you purchase the scented version of our products, while the other 40% purchase the unscented version. A heads up – we only sell the unscented version of our products on our site, you’ll never find them in a retail outlet online or in a store. When we first started the company, we couldn’t fathom guys wanting to buying scented products on their faces/bodies. You proved us wrong though, so we listened and all our products offer refreshing scents.

An interesting observation is that over 72% of you were more interested in purchasing a product that “solved your problem or concern” vs. “purchasing a multi-functional product”. We’re glad to see guys becoming more sophisticated when it comes to grooming and skincare purchases.

Requested Products:

You spoke and we listened. Here are the top five requested products that we currently do not offer, but will be releasing within the next year or so.

1. A natural SPF face moisturizer
2. Hair pomades, waxes, and hair gels
3. A hair conditioner
4. An “all in one” product for hair, face and body
5. A lathering shave cream

The first release will be our natural, aloe based conditioner, which goes along perfectly with our Daily Strengthening Shampoo for men. It’s an awesome product that will make your hair feel super hydrated, healthy and shiny.

Best Selling Products:

The following products have both the highest purchase rate and also repurchase rate.

1. Daily Essential Face Moisturizer (an all around solid product for any guy looking to improve his complexion)

2. Purifying Charcoal Face Wash (perfect for any skin type, but especially those with sensitive/dry skin)

3. Smooth Brushless Shave Cream (it doesn’t lather, but after a few uses, you’ll get your best shave ever)

4. Revitalizing Anti Aging Cream (after some time, it really does give the face a more energized, youthful appearance)

5. Daily Strengthening Shampoo (your hair will never feel more soft or shiny)

6. Instant Relief Aftershave (razor burn will become a thing of the past)

What’s Next?

The majority of our company’s initiatives are driven by our customer’s wants and desires. In speaking with customers and listening to what you guys want, we have the following big things coming up.

1. Monthly refills. We’ll soon be launching a service that sends you a personalized routine every month, based upon your preferences and needs.

2. More Retail Options. Many guys want to buy our products locally and we understand that. We’ve hired more sales reps to get our products into the stores you guys shop at most in your city. Have a place in which you want to see our products? Let us know or even better, tell your favorite shop to carry us!

3. More Education. You guys want to know how to better use our products and incorporate them into your life. We’ll be launching more educational material soon, as well as videos to show you how to best use our products.

I hope this gives you better insight into fellow guys around the world who are buying our products to improve their lives. There’s no “typical” customer and every day we have more guys purchasing our products from different walks of life. I’d love it if you told us more about yourself and why you bought our products in the comments below. We’ll be profiling some of our customers in the coming months, and maybe it could be you!

– Josh Meyer

Brickell Men’s Co-Founder

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