Who Are We Anyways?

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We’re starting a blog. I avoided it as long as possible, but the time has come. The blog will actually have nothing to do with men’s grooming. Why? Because we already covered everything you need to know in our Grooming Manual and let’s be real, the world of men’s grooming & skincare doesn’t have exciting news coming out of it every week or month.

Our blog is about building a business from scratch.

We’re two entrepreneurs who are bootstrapping our business from the ground up. We’ll be sharing our story, who we are, and how we’re doing it – and the up’s and down’s of running a business. Starting a business is probably one of the hardest endeavors anyone can undertake in their life, but man, is it rewarding seeing your efforts turn into a business you enjoy running. We’ll also be keeping track of how many customers we have each month, so you can share in on our growth.

Our first blog post will be about who we are and why we started the company. We’re not big corporate skincare executives or a large, boring conglomerate trying to jump on the men’s grooming bandwagon. We’re guys who wanted better stuff to shave with and to put on our skin, so we could look better, feel better, and make more money (we all know that’s why you use this stuff too). We live in arguably the most exciting city in the USA – Miami and we’re regular guys – who are spending a crazy amount of time working on their dreams of building an awesome company.

So, who are we?

I founded the company with my business partner, Matt Bolduc (I’m on the left and Matt’s on the right in the pic above). I’ve known Matt since I was in high school. We first met in physics class, when I realized he was way smarter than me and I could cheat off his tests. Noticing that he was fine with me cheating off him, I decided he must be a cool guy and a friendship was formed.

We grew up in the mecca of rural nothingness – Central Maine. There’s a good chance you don’t even know someone from Maine and that’s OK, we’re used to it. Maine has great lobster, kick ass micro breweries, beautiful scenic shorelines, and awesome people – but that’s about it. We grew up doing what every other guy in a rural area grows up doing – riding ATVs, playing sports (I’m happy to share my glory day’s football stories with you), and dreaming of leaving the slow, boring lifestyle we grew up in.

Growing up, we both had a passion for starting businesses – we were born entrepreneurs. We started all kinds of businesses together – a food delivery business (which is now actually run by Matt’s brother and a big success),  a digital media start up (that was acquired by Maine’s largest media company), a financial technology start up, and a host of other companies -some were successful and some were not.

We both went to the same college and after we graduated, lived together for a few years while I started a career in finance and Matt in corporate marketing, before I decided to pack up and move to San Diego. Long story short, I lived in San Diego for a few years before moving to Miami for a job opportunity. San Diego is amazing by the way, and the weather & tacos out there are spectacular.

The Google search that started our company.

I was living in Miami for a few years and around the time of my 27th birthday, started to notice some wrinkles and thinning hair. I thought to myself, I should probably do something about it and started researching skincare & grooming products. As I searched for products, I noticed the vast majority were unisex or owned by a company that just didn’t “get it”, I couldn’t resonate with any of their branding. As I researched further, I started looking into the ingredients. I’ve always been a very health conscious guy as I’ve always lifted weights and I also can’t have gluten or dairy. I randomly Googled an ingredient in one of our now competitor’s products and the first search result that popped up said there was a study linking it to the shrinkage of testicles in mice. I thought “WTF, why is that in there”? It never even occurred to me that harmful chemicals could be in skincare or grooming products. I went on a research blitz discovering all the harmful effects of all the toxins put in grooming products and couldn’t believe what I was reading. I couldn’t even pronounce half the chemicals I discovered and hey, I’m not about to put something on my skin that’s going to blow it up.

I then started researching more natural brands, trying out a few products and discovered either I hated the brand or the products didn’t work. This is when I thought to myself “there must be an opportunity here” and called Matt. Matt told me hated his shaving products (he’s a hairy bastard) and never liked any of the natural grooming products his girlfriend bought him. We discussed ways we could start a natural men’s grooming and skincare company, thinking maybe we could make the products ourselves. After a quick chemistry lesson and testing out some formulas, I can assure you we created a few products we couldn’t even pay you to buy.

We then reached out to some manufacturers who concentrated on making natural skincare products. We found our perfect fit on the West Coast (the USA’s natural/hippie capital) and contracted with them to create our initial line. It took about 6 months of testing formulas they created and many conversations with friends and strangers, but in June 2014 we launched our ecommerce site. We quickly received press from Men’s Health, Gear Patrol, Men’s Journal, and others – and we’ve been growing rapidly (sometimes having to claw our way up) ever since.

Hopefully, you get a better sense of who we are and what we’re doing. In my next blog post, I’ll be writing about who YOU are – who is the typical Brickell customer. What’s his age, where’s he live, what does he do for a living, and other interesting tidbits.


– Josh Meyer

Brickell Men’s Co-Founder

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