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In today’s world, it’s nearly impossible, nor does it make sense to only have one channel of business. While having an ecommerce business is awesome, having a retail presence can help propel a brand into the next level. There’s something special about someone seeing your brand in their favorite store and being able to purchase it right there and then.

When we launched, we were ecommerce only. We focused on building a base of customers and our brand – getting press, working with bloggers, and finding partners who could help us grow. After awhile though, we started getting inquiries about people wanting to sell our products on their own site or in their store.

We mulled over the idea of selling our products wholesale to retail partners as it creates an extra layer of complexity– dealing with people outside your business and their ways of doing business, etc. We decided, it was worth the challenge and, moved forward and haven’t looked back. We’re now sold in men’s wear stores, barbershops, salons, spas, department stores, skin care boutiques, online retailers, and other shops throughout the world. 200 retail partners in over 20 countries.

One of our favorite retail partners is Organaca, a natural skin care online retailer. We approached them because they sell so many great natural skin care products and they were immediately intrigued by our brand. As Derek Bell, General Manager of Organaca, says: “Organaca has very high standards when it comes to our natural skin care product offerings. It’s not easy to find brands that are 100% committed to keeping their products toxin-free. We knew our male customers were wanting a brand made specifically for them and Brickell Men’s Products stood out from all the other brands due to their commitment to using the best available all natural and organic ingredients. They have truly created a science based natural skin care line for men that gets results and we are proud to have been chosen to partner with them.”

Interested in seeing who our retail partners are? Check out our retail partner locator.

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