It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who you Know

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Ain’t it the truth. We rely heavily on partners. Outside of calling on retailers, and good PR, working with partners is the best way to grow our customer base. Working with partners also helps build better relationships with our customers. Who doesn’t love learning about new, awesome brands from a brand you already trust or entering a contest to win cool prizes?

In fact, I think we’d only be half our size if we hadn’t worked with some awesome partners such as:




Real Men Real Style

Combatant Gent

Blank Label

The Dark Knot

The Modest Man

And a whole bunch more…

How do we pick which companies to work with? It’s never easy and you often don’t know how a partnership will work out until you start working with someone. We usually like to work with partners who have complementing products that guys like.

The most popular complementing product we’ve found our customers to like happens to be style and fashion. If a man is willing to spend time and money investing in a good wardrobe, then he’s more than likely to invest in keeping himself well kempt and use premium skincare and grooming products.

We also try to pick a partner that has an audience or customer base that’s similar to ours – affluent, professional, and active.  One of our partners is SprezzaBox, a subscription box designed to help guys effortlessly keep up with seasonal style trends and discover new brands.

As we discovered when we first started, you have to reach out to a lot of people before you’ll be taken seriously being a new company. As Phil Sblendorio, one of the co-founders of SprezzaBox says, “in the beginning, we did a lot of outreach where we pitched our business model and marketing opportunity to brands. Today, we have proven our model and built a very strong following so many of the companies reach out to us.”

Partners come in different shapes and forms. When you’re a lifestyle company, you very often don’t know where a customer will come from. Guys are interested in tons of different things and our products appeal to a full spectrum of different types of guys. This is why it’s very often great to work with blogs since they usually have very diverse customer bases. One of our favorite blogs is Effortless Gent. Barron, the owner, has cultivated a unique audience due to the fact he writes about not only how guys can create a lean wardrobe, but also grooming, travel, and food.

If you own a business, blog, or venture, we’d love to hear in the comments how important partners are to your endeavor.

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