Happy Birthday, To Us

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We’re a Year Old. It seems like we just launched the other day. As much as I’d like to say we launched to adoring fan fare, that was hardly the case. We launched to a customer base of 0 and absolutely no one covering our launch.

We spent weeks reaching out to media and bloggers telling our story. When you’re bootstrapped and don’t have a big budget to hire a PR firm, you have to do all the hustling yourself. Our big break came when our friends over at Gear Patrol told the world about us, followed by a major mention in Men’s Journal. Ever since, we’ve been clawing our way to the top of the men’s skincare and shaving industry.

Some fun and quick facts about where we’ve been:


We have over 4,000 customers from all over the world who have directly purchased our men’s skincare and grooming products from our website and many, many more who have purchased from one of our retail partners. We have customers from over 30 countries and growing weekly. Our very first customer purchase was from Brazil.


We’ve been lucky enough to have been covered in Men’s Journal, Men’s Health, Gear Patrol, Details, AskMen, and many more. We’re also lucky to call many men’s lifestyle and fashion bloggers friends, including Barron over at Effortless Gent, Brock at The Modest Man, and others.

Retail Partners:

We’re carried in over 100 retail partners including barbershops, salons, menswear stores, and high end shops/boutiques throughout the world. You can find our products in shops in over 10 countries, including Canada, Australia, Singapore, South Korea, India, Norway, The Netherlands, and more.


We’ve partnered up for giveaways, promotions, and other awesome events including men’s fashion discovery box SprezzaBox, UrbanDaddy, Effortless Gent, Blank Label, and over 30 more.


We have four full time employees, including a handful of freelance sales consultants and digital media consultants.


We currently have 15 products in our line, including skincare, anti-aging, hair care, shaving, and body care. We aim to launch 5 more within the next year including more hair styling aids and a natural SPF face moisturizer. Got a product you want us to launch? Let us know!

Number of times we’ve failed:

Countless. For our first promotion, we gave the wrong discount code to customers. Our first bottle of face scrub wouldn’t even allow customers to get more than ¼ of the product out of the bottle (we’ve since moved face scrub into a jar). Our first contest had only 5 entries ( one was Matt’s brother). Our original labels weren’t water proof (major fail). The first retail shop to ever try our products said they didn’t like them (we’re now in over 100 shops in less than a year with 4,000 direct ecommerce customers).

It’s been an amazing year and we’ve got some great partnerships, products, and ideas coming up. Thank you for being a part of the journey and your business.

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